...No one should be here yet. We did not create you.

My dearest companion, is this not a wonderful thing? Before the first phase of Creation and we have a visitor.

. . .

This must be a testament of their adoration. To traverse through barren timelines, pulled back to your heavenly roots. You have returned to the womb before it was a womb. Welcome home, my child.

This must be a testament to our power. To return to a past that may not exist, to look into the "faces" of those that created you. When you look at us, what is it you feel inside you? Do you feel satisfied? Has your quest been completed? Will you return to your year and proclaim that you looked us in the face and lived?

. . .Will anyone even believe you?

You, the prenatal entity who has wormed your way back into our eternal void. Why is it you cannot look me in the eye? You came with questions. We, the pair of Everything and Nothing, the creatorsanddestroyers, are the answer. Look at me and speak.